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Geoscan operates in the mining project management service, getting involved in the stages of planning, operational management, licensing (more details visit the website, mineral exploration and closure/recovery to ensure the success in the exploration of the mineral resources involved in the projects.

Main Areas and Activities

We have already worked in the management of exploration projects for copper, gold, lithium, manganese and ornamental stones.

Here are some of the main areas and activities involved that Geoscan operates:

Planning: This phase involves defining the project’s objectives, feasibility analysis, market study, cost estimates, location selection, and identifying required resources. 

Licensing and compliance: Before starting operations, it is necessary to obtain environmental licenses and authorizations from the ANM (National Mining Agency) to explore the area of interest. This involves following environmental, safety, and land-use regulations. Additionally, meeting deadlines is essential to keep the project on track.

Exploring Mineral Potential

Mineral Research: It is critical to identify and evaluate areas with mineral potential. This includes geological surveying, geophysical and geochemical surveying, laboratory analysis, data modelling and interpretation, reporting and data management;

Operational Management: Once the mine is up and running, day-to-day management includes mineral extraction, transportation, waste management, quality control, and ensuring employee safety. Additionally, it is crucial to also keep track of project costs and ensure that they are within the planned budget.

Closure and recovery: At the end of the mine’s life, a closure plan is necessary to ensure that the area is rehabilitated and restored to its original state or to a safe and stable state.

To manage all these aspects, Geoscan has a multidisciplinary team of experts in geology, geophysics, engineering, environment, and other related fields. Do you have any questions or are you looking to start exploring some ore? Get in touch with us!

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