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Magnetometry is based on the analysis of local variations in the Earth’s magnetic field, originated by the presence of rocks that contain minerals with high magnetic susceptibility in the subsurface, such as magnetite, ilmenite and pyrrhotite.

Applications in Geological Identification

Each type of rock magnetizes according to its magnetic susceptibility, influenced by the amount and distribution of magnetic minerals present. This concentration of minerals creates distortions in the Earth’s magnetic field, detectable and capable of providing valuable information about the subsurface.

In addition to locating economically relevant magnetic minerals, magnetic measurements can identify geological contacts, structures such as faults or folds, and, by geological association, even non-magnetic minerals such as chalcopyrite, galena, and chalcocite.

After a magnetometric data acquisition campaign, corrections are performed, including the removal of spurious measurements (spikes), diurnal correction and removal of IGRF.

In the processing of magnetometric data, various products will be generated from the derivations of the anomalous magnetic field (CMA) and the 2D/3D inversions/modeling, resulting in valuable products for interpretation.


Applicability of Magnetometry in Mineral Exploration

This method is extremely effective for identifying, over large areas, magnetic lineaments that may suggest the presence of concentrations of ferromagnetic minerals in geological contacts, dikes, faults and structural lineaments. These elements are characterized by long and narrow anomalies, usually defined by high gradients.

In addition, the application of this method is widely recognized in the prospecting of iron ores, nickel, cobalt and can be adapted to the prospecting of metallic minerals in general.

It is important to note that its usefulness also extends to non-ferromagnetic ores that are associated with ferromagnetic minerals in the geological context of the region. In this case, it is essential to possess a broad knowledge of the geological context for the precise application of the method.

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