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Discover the real water availability of your region with our specialized Water Availability Study service. We meticulously map the water supply, considering seasonal variability and environmental impacts.

Integrated Studies for Water Resources Management

Our focus is to measure and understand the relationship between water demand and supply, carrying out integrated work, such as analysis of the history of wells, collection of water quality data, advanced geological and geophysical studies, as well as projects and drilling of artesian wells. 

Because of this focus, for this type of study, integrated work is usually carried out, such as:

  • Study of the history of wells in the region
  • Survey of water quality data for that particular region
  • Geological analysis focusing on the hydrogeology and water abstraction of each of the formations
  • Integrated geophysical studies for well drilling, such as electrical tomography and vertical electrical soundings
  • Artesian well construction projects
  • Borehole drilling
  • Water analysis and well concession

Water Feasibility for Sustainable Enterprises

In this way, it is extremely important in the case of the implementation of coastal enterprises that need water capture and for farms and other types of businesses that need the use of water, even in the interior or in any location, because, after its completion, the company that will be located in that particular region will be able to carry out the water use in the best possible way and in a sustainable way.

If you have an enterprise, farm or any other type of business that you want to expand to another region and need to understand if there is any feasibility in relation to water demand or want to carry out a water availability study to better understand the region, contact us!

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