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The Importance of Conventional Topography in Engineering Projects

Conventional topography plays an indispensable role in projects that demand high precision and accuracy, integrating in a complementary way with aerial photogrammetry in certain situations.

In densely wooded field environments or with obstacles such as buildings, the quality of information collection for aerial photogrammetry may be compromised, requiring the application of more conventional topographic surveys, such as GNSS (Geodetic GPS) and Total Station.

Every technology has its positives, negatives and limitations, the most important being to know the characteristics of each one and apply them according to the needs of a project. For this, we have trained professionals with more than 18 years of professional experience. Our goal is to meet the demand for topography and aerial mapping in different projects, presenting safe and reliable results for our customers.


What is the function and applications of conventional topography?

From the application of conventional methods of topographic surveys, with the use of total station, geometric level and GNSS (GPS), it is possible to collect geometric information that will support the studies, planning and projects of geotechnics.

In addition, conventional topography collaborates in the monitoring of assets and structures, as well as enables greater assertiveness in the development of works. Below are some of the main applications:

  • Planialtimetric survey for geophysical work;
  • Implementation of georeferenced landmarks;
  • Planialtimetric survey for civil, road and railway works;
  • Rental for various types of projects and monitoring of works;
  • Georeferencing of rural and urban properties;
  • Control of settlement and stability of structures;
  • Control of pathologies such as cracks, erosions and others.

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