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LiDAR: Precision for Engineering Projects

A LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) drone is an unmanned aircraft equipped with a LiDAR sensor. LiDAR uses laser pulses to measure the distance between the sensor and the Earth’s surface, creating extremely precise three-dimensional point clouds.

This method is effective for generating digital elevation models, 3D mapping, and other applications that require high-resolution data in terms of elevation.

LiDAR data plays a crucial role in the efficient planning and operation of engineering projects. Such data provides detailed and accurate information about the surrounding environment, allowing for better decision-making.

The technology makes it possible to obtain three-dimensional measurements of the terrain, resulting in the creation of digital models that provide an extremely detailed visualization of the environment.


Some of the main applications of LiDAR:

  • Provides a high-resolution digital elevation model (MDE) of the terrain, even in densely vegetated areas;
  • Maps vegetation and other natural and man-made obstacles that may interfere with the construction and operation of the engineering work;
  • Helps in planning access to construction areas and defining routes for the deployment of heavy equipment, optimizing processes;
  • Useful for continuous monitoring and maintenance in engineering works.

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