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How to determine the proper flow rate for your well?

The Pumping Test, flow test, or sometimes called production test, consists of pumping water from a well during a certain period of time and recording the evolution of the lowering of the water level as a function of time.

To determine the pumped flow, devices that facilitate readings should be used. Examples of devices that can be used in this test are containers with measured volume, or spillways, calibrated orifice and Venturi tube.


Devices Used in Flow Testing

Flow testing is critical for the correct sizing of the pumping equipment to be installed in the well.

The absence of this pumping test can lead to underutilization of the well, or the opposite, which is even worse, taking more water than the aquifer could handle, which will eventually deplete the water in your well

All procedures applied during the pumping test are based on NBR 12.244.

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