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The ANM Resolution on Dam Monitoring

Dam monitoring has become a widely discussed issue throughout Brazil, especially after the accidents in previous years. On July 7, 2020, the ANM released a new resolution on the monitoring of tailings dams. In this resolution, the ANM began to mandate the use of automated monitoring systems in dams with high potential associated damage.

The resolution was published in the Official Gazette and amends the part of the 2017 ordinance that created the National Registry of Mining Dams and the Integrated Safety Management System for Mining Dams.

With the resolution published, it becomes mandatory for the entrepreneur to implement a monitoring system in tailings dams if his dam fits the conditions mentioned in the resolution.


The Role of Geophysics in Dam Monitoring

Geophysics is a tool used as a way to increase control by expanding the area and number of data.

There are different geophysical methods that make it possible to carry out a subsurface scan, allowing the identification of anomalies and failures in the dam structure. Among the methods used, we can mention seismic refraction and geoelectrical and electromagnetic methods, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), spontaneous potential and electroresistivity.

Geoscan has equipment that performs the monitoring of dams in an automated way, 24 hours a day and has a high precision in identifying anomalies within the dam structure.

If you need to monitor your dam and want to better understand how this type of monitoring works, you can access this page and contact us.

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