Soil absorption



The purpose of the soil absorption test is to estimate the percolation capacity of the soil and the depth of the water level, kind of information needed to the construction of septic tanks and/or infiltration graves.

This test is normalized in the NBR 7229/93.
The absorption test consists of the following steps:
In the bottom of each digging shall be open a square with section 30 cm on the side and 30 cm deep. After digging, the bottom and sides of the grave must be scraped off so that they became rough.
After that you have to remove all loose material from the grave and covering the bottom of the grave with a 5 cm layer of gravels.

Finally, the graves are saturated, filling completely with water. Then, it is measured how long it takes for 1 cm of water column to be percolated in the soil.

According to the obtained result, you can understand the soil infiltration coefficient. This test is useful for proper sewage treatment areas, for local sewage treatment system, cemeteries, sanitary landfills, water dams and others.


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