Groundwater research



A simple groundwater research aiming the best location for a well drilling refers to all procedures and studies that determine the best point for drilling and building a water well and can be considered the first stage of its construction project.

  • 1.

    Analysis of water wells that already exists in the area: The analysis of well data such as construction profiles, helps in obtaining numerous information such as: predominant lithology, lithological variations and presence of altered/fractures rocks.

  • 2.

    Analysis of aerial photographs/satellite images: to designate the location of a water well in environments consisting of crystalline rock is quite complex, in these cases, the rock need structures, such as fractures, that allow the infiltration, circulation and storage of groundwater.

  • 3.

    The use of orbital images is an essential tool for this study in these environments.

  • 4.

    Geophysical Surveys: The most widely used geophysical method is electroresistivity (ER). Based on the determination of the electrical resistivity of soils/rocks, where from this result, the best location for drilling is indicated.

If you need to drill a water well, the first step is to understand the best place to do it. We can help you to reduce costs during this step improving the project assertiveness.


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