About us

We have been pursuing the excellence and quality of our services since the beginning.

Geoscan is a company specialized in mineral prospecting, applied geophysics and geotechnics that operates in the North and Northeast of Brazil.
We work daily to deliver top quality projects to our customers, using modern equipment, always offering the best cost benefit.


We already have a long history of success alongside our customers.

Two partners, Caio and Eduardo, founded the company in 2015 and at that time, it was mainly focused on performing geophysical services for groundwater research. As time passed, the activities were diversified and Geoscan started to operate with geotechnical tests, pumping tests, environmental reports and other geology services.

Since 2018, with the addition of the third partner, Cristian, the company got into the mining industry and began working with geological mapping, geophysics for mineral prospecting, mineral licenses, 3D modeling and other services, remaining our main area of expertise.

With the diversification of our activities, our team has grown and today we are already 20, carrying out more than 150 projects, making sure that this is only the beginning of a great journey.






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